Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its official I am a runner!

A few weeks ago I had emergency surgery and was in and out of the hospital for a week.
I am all better now but when I was on the pulse ox machine I kept setting it off.
I was really freaking out the nurses and Dr. with how low my heart rate was. 
I guess the machine is set for 50 beats a minute which is a low heart rate well  my heart rate was between 45 and 40.
They kept asking me if this was normal?
I said I have no idea since I never go to the Dr. because I am never sick.
After my heart rate monitor went off for the 10th time a Dr. came in and asked me some questions.
DR.: Do you work out regularly
Me: yes I do.
DR.:What kind of work outs do you do?
Me: Aerobic, strength Cardio, Yoga.
After looking puzzled a moment he said.
Mr.s Wilderness are you a runner?
Me: I run every day I would like to think I am a runner but I have never ran a race.
The Dr. chuckled and Said well Mrs. Wilderness your heart is telling me you are a runner.
As sick as I was I had a lot of pride when he said those words.
Evedently runners have lower heart rates than the average person.
Not normally as low as mine but we think the drugs had a little help in that.

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So here I am the after my first run post surgery.
It had Been two weeks since I had last ran I took it pretty easy I only ran 3 miles.
I was up to five before I got sick I was was a little sad that I regressed but I smiled every time my foot hit the road.
I kept hearing the DR.s words your heart rate says you are a runner.