Monday, February 20, 2012

Here is my story and I am sticking to it!

First off I feel like a real runner running in cold weather snow and the wind!
There is something satisfying about seeing your running tracts in the snow.

I was also surprised at my speed and endurance.
I know weight training has been helping my ruining time.
I also think I am finally acclimated to this High altitude.
For the first time I can really say I am enjoying running.
I really look forward to it and some days run twice just because it feel goods.
I know at this point I could run a 5 k and not be the last one done.
Maybe I will start with a 5 k and work my way up to a half marathon like I want to.
Who know by the end of fall I might have 3 races under my belt LOL.

OK now for the story!
As I was running this morning in the cold wind and snow I ran past an old man that I always run past he amazes me.
He is a fast runner and runs in any weather.
He also always takes the time to smile wave and say HI when I run by.
Today was a little different as I was running by I smiled and waved like always.
I then heard darling darling.
I stooped took my ear buds out and he said " Although you have quite a cute bottom for modesty sakes you might want to get some new running pants." I looked at him funny he pointed down I looked to see my pants half way down my hips with a good portion of my bum showing off my cute lacy panties.
I thanked him pulled up my pants and kept on running.
I blame it on the cold my bum was so cold I could not feel my pants falling down.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Because I love myself!

Today is my favorite day of the year Valentines day!
Today 22 years a go I married my one true Love!
Because I love myself I worked out and I am eating right no box of Chocolates for this girl!
I did get a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my sweet heart.
Now because I love myself I will go for a run!
Happy Valentines day!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

feeling fit!!

I cant tell you enough how fit I am feeling.
I have so much energy almost too much I haven't felt this fit and good in 8 years.
I am really truly shocked at how quickly my body is changing.
I was not in horrible shape when I started but I was not in the best shape.
I worked out pretty regular but never have gotten this far in changing my body in the past 2 years since I put on weight.
I have come close but pretty much stayed the same. It always seems like something happened to sabotage my success.
Maybe it is my frame of mind this time or maybe its because I no longer live in the dark all winter long. ( I moved from AK 8 months a go.)
I do know that I have gotten back to my old good eating habits 6 small meals a day and no snacking.
I also work out an hour  plus a day weights and cardio in the morning I walk or run during the afternoon.
I challenged my self to do 50 push ups in a row and 200 squats in a row.
I am only up to 25 push ups but can do 250 squats with out stopping I have always had a stronger lower body then upper.
I also have a little trick I do to keep my idle time at bay so that I am moving all day long.
I will share that later.
I cant wait to see what the end results will be because I am already liking the 4 and a half week results.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I am doing it!

I finished Ripped in 30 and I love how I feel and the changes in my body.
My legs have amazing cuts in them my arms are looking amazing my waist is smaller my tummy is shrinking.
My favorite improvement is my bum!!
My bum looks amazing I have always lacked a bum and now it is round and firm and sexy looking.
I am very happy with how I am shaping up.
I cant wait to see what the next 2 months bring.
I am now doing 6 weeks to a 6 pack and hot body Yoga 5 days a week plus runs when the weather is good.
Honestly I for the first time in my life can say I am loving working out!!