Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting faster.

I have been back at running for 3 weeks now I have an established route that I run 5 times a week and jog 5 times a week.
I started running and jogging to quicken my time and to build more stamina.
It has worked I have shaved 2 minuets off my 5k time I also can run a mile in 6:40 I even got a high 5 from Garret my 13 year old track star.
He said and I quote " The average track kids time is 6:30 your pretty fast mom.
I then asked him what is mile time is he smiled I am not average.
I asked him again whats your time  he smirked and said 5:20 but there is a few boy that do it in 5 minuets flat.
My jaw doped and I said I guess I am ok with being average.
He said mom your fast for an old lady.
I had to laugh who knows maybe I am fast for an old lady.

Along with running I have been doing Jillian Micheal Ripped in 30 day I am half way through week 2 .
I love this DVD I always feel strong when I do it and look better to.
I hope to be back to where I was in march by the end of June.
so far I have lost the 5 pounds I gained but some how still feel like I look big.

Seeing this family pictuer from this week end did not help.
I don't know if it was the way I was standing or not but I look like a huge blob.
The funny thing is I took this photo earlier that day and don't feel like I look as big.

Any ways both of thees pictures are motivating me to work harder.

So hopefully I will look and feel skinnier in a few weeks. 
As always I will keep you posted.

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