Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 min 55 sec.

That was my mile time today!
Yes I am proud of myself when I looked at my phone and saw my time about died.
I new I was fast this round but come on not that fast. I normally average just under 9 minuets.
I also normally run 3 miles but today I decided to see how fast I could run a mile.
I started out strong and thought I was doing good then some young teenage boy sped past me something snapped inside me and I thought I needed to keep up with this young kid.
I did it I kept up with him then the wistel blew on my phone telling me my mile was done. I slowed down to a jog and jogged for about 5 mins so my heart rate could come down then I went to a brisk walk for 2 minuets.
I tell by the end of that run I could not breath I was literally gasping for air my lungs burned but I felt good!!
I really cant believe how hard I pushed myself  Now lets see if I can do it again!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Having a pity party!

I am very bloated today and feeling fat I know its probably pre period weight but still I feel fat.
I am trying to stay positive so I looked at pictures of my belly that I have been taking since I started this journey. 
I have to say I was shocked at how big my belly was before I started I am shocked because I never felt I looked fat before but now seeing my pix from January 1st and march 1st I am stunned at how fat I was.
My body type just gains wait in my middle so the rest of me is always small plus I know how to dress to hide any thing I don't want others to see. 
After looking at my belly pix it made me feel better about myself and proud at how far I have come.
I am not going to share the pix just yet I will share them all when I have met my fitness goal.
Here is some of me in clothes.

December 2011

Feb 2012 

I can really tell the differences in my face.

In a few weeks I will share some more pix.